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3 Reasons why you should invest in the Haven Residences

Why investing in Haven Residences is a good idea.

When it comes to investing, a good estate is an important factor to consider when
purchasing a property.
This is the number two (2) reason land investors buy properties.
While amenities such as; Recreational Centers, and Grocery Stores, make Properties
and Estates very attractive, there are other key factors that determine both the value
a property can deliver and it's future worth and they are ;

1. Title – When buying a house, a Certificate of Occupancy – C of O is one of the
most important documents to have.
With this, owners have security and confidence that their property is safe and free
from confiscation from either the government or individuals. The document serves as
a strong defence in a case of land dispute.
A C of O, also gives you better chances for obtaining loans and securing mortgages
hassle free, and this is a major benefit of purchasing property at Haven Residence,
your very own C of O.
2. Location – Location is a major factor to consider when purchasing a property.
Everyone wants a home in a desirable location and what makes a location desirable?
Access to schools, great power supply, a good road network, and proximity to
convenience stores, or social amenities like malls and cinemas.
All things that Haven Residence' location gives its owners access to.
Haven Residence has proximity to key facilities and amenities such as; Novare
Shoprite, Corona School, Lufasi Nature Park, and Caleb Schools which is only 7 mins
away. How's that for a great location?

4. Contemporary building style. –

Over the years, different housing styles have come in and out of style, and in every
era specific housing styles are most desirable.
Today, the rise of single professionals and young couples and families purchasing
houses, has led to the rise of the Home" Apartment Home" as a major property purchase
In style and in tune with this trend, Haven Residence boasts lush and spacious 2 and
3 bedroom apartments designed and built to provide peace, comfort, and style for
our young thriving professionals as well as our successful young couples and families.

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