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Identifying the right area, estate, or parcel of land isn’t exactly the easiest feat.
It is very easy to feel confused, overwhelmed or even frustrated when you’re not sure
where to begin or what to look out for.

We understand this all too well and to help you successful navigate buying landed
property, we’ve outlined three tips to make land-buying hassle-free.

Step 1

Conduct Adequate Research

While most people would not like to hear this, every good investment requires some
due diligence on the Investors part.

Before you purchase any parcel of land, it is important to conduct thorough research
on the areas, estates, and properties you’re looking to invest in, but don’t worry,
we’ve got you covered.

Here are a list of some key things you want to look out for in your research before
buying a land or investing in landed property;

I. Development Plans for the Area

What plans do the government or other major private sector players have for that
area. This will greatly impact property appreciation and value in that area in the

II. Legal Documentation

You must look out for documents that confirm your ownership or safeguard your
investment such as the C of O or Government Excision.

III. Legal Access to the Property

With an ocean of land disputes awash in the country, before you purchase any
property, you must ensure that you have the undisputed legal right to access and own
the property. Make sure that there is no court case over it or any other kind of legal

IV. Environmental Issues.

People too often ignore environmental issues like proximity to factories which can be
harmful to ones health, the presence of swamps which breed mosquitoes and other
types of insects or reptiles, or areas with water issues or those susceptible to flooding.
One rule of thumb in places like Lagos is to go hunting for properties during the
rainy season.
Even if the goal is to get help or engage a Realtor or Real Estate company, proper
research on the company is required to ensure you’re getting into bed with the right

Engage a trusted real estate partner

For anyone who is overwhelmed with the very idea of that depth of research or the
DIY process, getting an experienced real estate partner comes with a lot of perks.
Firstly, you’ll be dealing with experts who likely have a strong portfolio of their own,
and as such would be able to provide you with a range of options, good packages and

Secondly, an established Real Estate Developer or Parter has a reputation to protect,
and hence something to loose, so they’re a lot less likely to swindle you.
Finally, industry expertise means a wealth of knowledge and insight on the best
areas to invest in depending on your goals, and how to identify good or bad

Find a Property with a Payment Plan

Oftentimes, upfront cost can represent a major hindrance to investing in landed
The assumption is often that you can’t afford to buy a parcel of land because you
can’t afford the entire sum all at once, and this just isn’t the case.
It is exactly for this reason, the PWAN Haven offers payment plans spread across up
to 12 Months. So, don’t be intimidated by the entire sum of lands in the areas and
estates you desire. Rather, find landed property or companies like ours offering
suitable payment plans and invest today.

Finally, be sure to *Close out on that land purchase*. All of these helpful tips we
shared, make no difference until you take the plunge!
So make a commitment to increasing your assets and building wealth by investing in
a landed property today.

For guidance, great offers with helpful payment plans, and detailed briefs in choice
areas, give us a call or send us an email. We’re all about the life you deserve

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