Asaba is the capital of Delta state. The city’s economy and citizens’ economic activities are led by the civil service, which has made the city generally hospitable and sustainable for all walks of life. Asaba is renowned for its well-maintained roads and easily accessible areas, which creates an ideal environment for business endeavors and tourism. These have improved the city’s nightlife by establishing a number of leisure centers in key spots where residents and visitors unwind.

Many Nigerians have carried a common knowledge that “if you want to have fun, you have to live in Lagos or Abuja” but that’s only because they haven’t lived in Asaba. Now here are 5 things to love about Asaba and make it your ultimate destination:

  1. Friendly and Hospitable Vibe: If you’re looking for a town to visit and not miss your home, Asaba is just the town for you. The friendly behavior and kindness of its residents, to cozy guesthouses and affordable hotels for your comfort, welcomes you into Asaba with so much warmth. Also, cost of transportation is highly reasonable compared to other States which permits seamless exploration of the town.
  1. Lower Crime Rate: In our country today, Asaba is one of Nigerians most safe place to live with less crime record, as it is stationed with well equipped body of security agencies and forces which operate 24/7 to secure lives and properties of the states. The town has evolved into a haven of peace and prosperity with effective leadership that maintains law and order.


  1. Rich Cultural Heritage: One cannot explore Asaba without being captivated by its rich cultural heritage. Asaba is a city with a storied past, its culture is heavily influenced by the neighboring Igbo, Igala and Bini peoples. Asaba is culturally led by the revered Asagba of Asaba, to whom leaders of the community refer to as the “Diokpa. The amalgamation of cultures has given rise to a vibrant and inclusive community where traditions are shared through lively festivals in marketplaces leading to the harmonious coexistence of its people.


  1. Rapid Growth and Development: Asaba is a rapidly growing city, situated on a terrace of the lower Niger River, overlooking the point where the Anambra River connects into it. Asaba is a landmark and an east-west link that connects western, eastern, and northern Nigeria via the Niger River from the north. This has given the city a rich history that is practically connected to the Nigerian culture as a whole. It is an urban area and is fast becoming a metropolitan city, having one of the best road networks and infrastructures in the country with exquisite hotels and some attractive /breath-taking places for tourists and other visitors to regulate.
  2. Good Hub for Real Estate: Asaba stands out over other cities in the bustling landscape of Real Estate opportunities. The Economic growth and investment potential of the town makes it the prime destination for savvy Real Estate investors. In recent years, Asaba has witnessed a significant surge in infrastructure development, from improved road networks, modern amenities like; shopping malls, hospitals, infrastructural landscape evolutions, e.t.c, all of which have added value to properties and still pave the way for new Real Estate projects to flourish. Asaba offers you with the best opportunity to venture into Real estate investment.

And there you have it, five compelling reasons to own a property in Asaba, Delta State. The town would embrace you with open arms and the promise of life-changing experiences.









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