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PWAN Haven Celebrates Staff Birthdays in Style

PWAN Haven Celebrates Staff Birthdays in Style

PWAN Haven Investment and Realtors Ltd celebrates its staff birthdays every month. This is to celebrate and appreciate the staff members’ new age, accomplishments and contributions to the growth and development of the company.

Though 3 years old, PWAN Haven has continued to set new records and break new grounds, with fast selling estates, new estates in Lagos, Warri, Enugu and Sapele; excellent customer service and timely after sales support. Physical allocations are done timely, with paper allocations done instantly. Also it prepares its lands before they are allocated. These include land clearing, filling of amorphous landscapes to make them flat, plot markings and demarcations and perimeter fencing.

PWAN Haven, itself, is a living testimony of team spirit, teamwork, hard work, selfless service, accountability, integrity, focus and excellence. And at the heart of its success story is its staff.

Dr. Fred E. Okpaje, MD/CEO, believes in his staff and is always there for them. He loves them and never misses their birthdays. He even finds the time to bond with them through trainings and outdoor events. He never fails to pray for them and give his fatherly blessings.

Recently, three of the staff had their birthdays and were celebrated in style. They included Efemona Ejeh, Executive PA to the MD, Emmanuel Esangbedo, Operations Officer, and Michael Okesanya, Accounts Officer.

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